March 24, 2009

The end of the world is not nigh

After years of being neglected RPI is suddenly the flavour of the month when it comes to inflation rates, because unlike before when CPI was the value that showed the lowest inflation rate now RPI does. RPI has even gone to 0% which is causing howls that the end is nigh and deflation stalks the earth.

If they are so worried about deflation then the answer is simple, stop causing it. The only reason why RPI inflation is currently 0% is because of the massive reductions in interest rates that have happened over the last year. The costs of everything else is still going up steadily, and at above the target rate, with CPI inflation at 3.2% and RIPX at 2.5%. Both of these measures were up on last month.

The reduction in RPI will certainly be used as an excuse to debauch the currency by printing money and so ramping up inflation even further. Printing money is the stealthiest of all the stealth taxes, in numerical terms it will not even reduce the number of pounds that you have in your bank account: it will simply make the value of each vanish. However this hard earned value did not simply disappear. For as much value is wiped from the savings of the prudent the same amount is also wiped from the debts of the reckless, with by far the biggest and most reckless sterling debtor being Her Majesty's Government itself (with the Labour Party also having substancial debts). Which is what this really is about; transfering value from savers to the government, and from there on to Labour's payroll vote.


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